We are always happy to help should you have a problem and if you just have a questions too.  Use one of the support channels below to get in touch or check out our frequently asked questions list below.

Got a support issue with your site or account or just prefer to use email drop us a message and we will be back in touch very soon.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

See if your question is listed below for a super quick answer.  If not contact us using one of the methods above.

  • Can I use a custom domain (e.g. with Midnight?

    Yes of course, please send an email to and include the domain you wish to use. We will get it all setup and working for you with no extra charge.

  • What is the default web address for a Midnight blog?

    If your choose "myblogname" as your domain when signing up your blog's website address would be However you can buy a custom domain name from any provider and use it with your Midnight Ghost blog.

  • Is there a free Ghost blog plan?

    Unfortunatley not, however we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee should you not feel that Midnight is for you. Also you can cancel your Midnight blog plan at any time.

  • What version of Ghost does Midnight provide?

    Midnight always provides the most up to date version of Ghost.

  • How to I cancel my plan or delete my blog?

    If you wish to cancel your Midnight blog subscription plan or permenantly delete your blog, please contact and we will close your account and end your subscription.