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Why choose a Ghost blog hosted by Midnight?

Easy & Simple Blogging

A ghost blog makes publishing content simple. A clean interface to manage your blog and an editor that allows you write clutter free. Pull in dynamic blocks of content like images, embeds and videos and Markdown with a single click.

SEO & Social Built-In

Ghost has amazing support for search engine optimisation and social sharing without the need to install any plugins. Sitemaps, semantic markup, auto meta data and rich meta tags for Facebook and Twitter built right in.

Content Everywhere

Publish once, distribute everywhere. Your content is set up to be discovered in as many ways as possible by your readers. Including integrated AMP support, your site will rank higher and load in a fraction of a second from Google mobile search results.

Complete Hosting Solution

When your Ghost blog is hosted by Midnight there is no need to worry about any technical stuff. We setup everything, auto install updates, manage security and provide support for the life of your plan. All blogs come with SSL domains included, automatic backups and option for custom domains.

Easily Customise & Theme

Adding a logo, navigation menus, additional pages and extra code is all done in a few simple clicks. Just like Wordpress, Ghost has hundreds of themes available for you to upload & use or create your own. Personal blog, magazine, business website, whatever you are looking for its probably out there.

Built for Performance

Independent tests have found Ghost to be up to 1,900% faster than WordPress. The speed of your blog impacts everything, from search engine rankings to mobile user engagement. Midnight hosts your blog on servers with SSD for extra performance.

What is a Ghost blog & why should I have one?

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Our Hosted Ghost Blog Plan

Like the concept of Ghost we thought we would keep our plans & pricing as simple as possible. That's why we only have one fully featured plan, because everyone derves the best!

Your Ghost blog will be created automatically and you will recieve an email with how to login. Your blogs will be hosted on fast SSD servers in data centers with best-in-class network connectivity for speed and throughput.

Our hosted Ghost blog plan is billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time.  It also comes with a no non-sense 30 day money back guarantee, should you change your mind.  If you need a higher level of service just contact us directly.

ONE All Inclusive Package
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Cancel Anytime
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Per Month, Billed Monthly

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The Plan Includes:
  All Ghost 3.0+ Features
  SSL Certificate
  FREE Custom Domain Setup
  Managed Hosting & Security
  Automatic Ghost Updates
  Automatic Backups
  Priority Email & Chat Support
  30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  Cancel Anytime

Who uses Ghost?

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