Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What version of Ghost are you running / do you support?

    We always run the latest stable release of Ghost. Currently Ghost version 3+

  • Can I use a custom domain (e.g. with Midnight?

    Yes of course, please send an email to and include the domain you wish to use. We will get it all setup and working for you with no extra charge.

  • What is the difference between Ghost(Pro) and Midnight?

    Ghost(Pro) and Midnight both provide managed Ghost blog hosting. Managed means you do not need to know any technical knowledge on how to install, setup or maintain the blog installation. For example, backups and security updates happen automatically. To see how Midnight compares to Ghost(Pro) please click here for a comparison.

  • Can I host more than one blog & what is the pricing?

    Our standard plan is for 1 Ghost blog only. However it is possible to host multiple Ghost blogs with us and we do offer a discount. Each additional blog is charged at $10 per month (in addition to the first blog plan). To set this up please sign up for your first blog then contact us to set up the rest.

  • What is the default web address for a Midnight blog?

    All our blogs come with a free subdomain by default. For example, if your choose "myblog" as your domain when signing up your blog's website address would be However you can buy a custom domain name from any provider and use it with your Midnight Ghost blog for free.

  • Is there a free Ghost blog plan?

    Unfortunatley not, however all our plans have no contract so you can cancel your blog any time should you feel that Midnight is not for you.

  • Are blogs with Midnight secured with SSL (HTTPS)?

    Yes, Midnight provide a free SSL certificate for your blog which is setup automatically. This applies to our default domains and custom domains too.

  • How do I cancel my plan or delete my blog?

    If you wish to cancel your Midnight blog subscription plan or permenantly delete your blog, please contact and we will close your account and end your subscription. There are no contracts so you can cancel at anytime for any or no reason at all.

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